Delivering maximum benefit to our customers is our key principle. To this end, we are prepared to abandon conventional approaches and explore new avenues. At the same time, we make sure not to neglect traditional value such as reliability, quality, trust and sharing experience.

This philosophy is deeply ingrained in the awareness of our staff and reflected in our work strategies and production methods.

Our market success is founded on in-company research and development in conjunction with our knowhow acquired from decades of experience.

We make every effort to ensure that each customer contact is a positive experience for both sides.

Whatever we do, we do it consistently.

Polypropylene Pumps

Pump made from Polypropylene for Handling Corrosive chemical like HCL, H2SO4...


Series made from PVDF to handle fluid posing an envirinmental or health hazard such as acids, alkalis, solvents...

AODD Pumps

ALFA PUMPS is a channel partner of BSK Fluid Technology LLC, USA.